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Chippy, well-worn and well-loved pieces that remind you of a life lived at a slower pace, pieces that tell a story.


This rustic, clean, cozy look lives up to its name at North Creek Antiques. Here, there’s a good chance you’ll find a restored piece actually salvaged from an old farm or home.


Similar to farmhouse style in look, primitive pieces are made with purpose and therefore subtle in their design. They tend to be darker than the brights and whites of farmhouse looks.


Add a level of authenticity to your home decor with one of our vintage pieces.


Furniture, decor and household items that are from trends and styles of the past, most commonly the 1950s-70’s.

Home and Lawn Decor

We have both antique and brand new products that are just waiting to decorate the right home. Mix together the old and the new for a look that is distinct to you.


Our passion for antiques extends to saving antique building materials, giving them a new life, and giving our customers remarkable pieces for their home.

Barn Salvage

Salvaging old barns and buildings, along with their contents, provides you unique items for your home and DIY projects.

Rusty, chippy, well-worn and well-loved...

Words that describe items you’ll find at North Creek Antiques.

Here, you’ll find pieces that remind you of a life lived at a slower pace. The type of pieces that tell a story: grandma’s Hoosier where she made bread dough or a farmhouse table the family gathered around at mealtime. The type of pieces saved from old homesteads and farms. 

At North Creek, we believe in bringing together the old and the new. Amongst our antiques, you’ll also find brand new one-of-a-kind home and seasonal decor items. Throughout our store, you’ll find displays that bring together those well-worn pieces, rich with story, and new pieces that together become part of your story and your home.

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